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Walter Dennis Custer - Genealogy Overview

Walt's parents are Robert Joseph Custer and Helen Marie McDonnell.

Robert Joseph Custer was the son of Robert Wallace Cursiter who was born on the island of Sanday in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. His parents were Robert Cursiter and Mary Wallace - both born in Sanday.

Robert Joseph Custer's mother was born Kristina Hrubec (later changed to Christina Roberts.) Kristina was born in Chicago, Illinois but her parents (Josef Hrubec and Maria Stary) were born in Pisek, Czechoslovakia.

Helen Marie McDonnell's father was John Joseph McDonnell who was born in Wilmington, Delaware. John's father was Michael McDonnell and his mother was Annie Miskell.  Both immigrated to the USA from Ireland.

Helen Marie McDonnell's mother was Ella Fitzgibbon who was born in Jersey City, NJ.  Ella's father Dennis Fitzgibbon was born in Ireland and her mother Mary Harney Fitzgibbon was born in New Jersey but Mary's parents Owen Harney and Catherine Fallon were born in Ireland.  See for an extensive Harney family website.

For a more detailed list of Walt's ancestors see Wdcances.txt.  (58k, 6/29/97)

Orcadian Genealogy Files

Name List
Walt has about 5700 names in his genealogy database (using Quinsept's Family Roots V4.4). Names.txt (395k, 6/28/97) is an ASCII Text file listing these names in alphabetical order with their corresponding record numbers. It can also be downloaded as Names.exe (68k, 6/29/97). The first few have "?" as the surname indicating that it is unknown.  You can download my entire Quinsept Family Roots database in a self extracting archive format Custer.exe (336k, 8/17/97)

Birth Index
This is an index to all the Cursiter, Wallace, Turfus and about 500 other Orcadian names in my database. It includes name, birthdate and place, parents, spouse(s), record number of the person and the record number of the descendants chart where the person can be found in my Cursiter, Wallace or Turfus book. This index is in a spreadsheet format (Lotus 1-2-3 WK1) which can also read by Excel, Quatro Pro, etc. The index contains about 2300 names and can be sorted many ways. The far right columns are sorting columns for Cursiter, Wallace,Turfus and Other. This file can be read online in a text format Birth.txt (365k, 7/12/97) or may be downloaded in Lotus 1-2-3 format in a self extracting archive file Birth.exe (204k, 7/12/97). The text file of course lacks many of the sorting features of the Lotus file.

Census Indices
I have partially indexed the 1841 and 1881 Orkney census records. They were prepared using Lotus 1-2-3.  The self extracting (.exe) files generate Lotus .wk1 or .wk3 files when executed. 
  • 1841 Index scope: all of Sanday for every household - all surnames. My 1841 index does not cover the other islands.  Read online Cen41.txt (259k, 7/21/97) or download Cen41.exe (101k, 6/29/97).  Note that the text version lacks the "spreadsheet" features including sorting.
  • 1881 Index scope: all of Orkney for CURSITER, WALLACE, WARDS AND TURFUS; and "Sanday born" MUIR, DREVER, THOMSON (if one person was Sanday born I indexed the household.)  Read online Cen81.txt (272k, 7/21/97) or download Cen81.exe (127k, 6/29/97).  Text file lacks "spreadsheet" features.

Orkney Genealogy Books

The Cursiters of Orkney and their Descendants Worldwide
This is approximately a 400 page "book" listing all known Cursiters (with over 40 variant spellings including Cusiter, Cusator, Cursetter and Orkney derived Custer.) It includes the body of the book (Curpaper.txt) (253k, 7/04/97), the birth index, the major descendants charts (Curmajor.txt) (1720k, 6/28/97), the minor descendants charts (Curminor.txt) (85k, 6/29/97), and a list of recipients. The birth index is also an index to the descendant charts.

All of my "books" were written in the very early 1990s. Therefore some sections including recent contributors and the mechanics of using New Register House, Edinburgh are out of date. However the basic genealogy data is still valid. I intend to update all these books throughout 1997.

Note: the .txt files can be read online and saved. Some are quite large. Self extracting archive files can be downloaded much faster that the text files - Curpaper.exe ( 125k, 7/04/97), Curmajor.exe (197k, 6/29/97) and Curminor.exe (30k, 6/29/97).

The Wallaces of Sanday, Orkney, Scotland
This 250 page book includes all known Wallace families which originated from or lived on Sanday, Orkney, Scotland. It includes a body (Walpaper.txt) (83k, 7/04/97), a birth index, descendants charts Wallace.txt (817k, 6/29/97) and list of recipients. I will post the missing parts soon. Download Walpaper.exe (59k, 7/04/97) and Wallace.exe (107k, 6/29/97).

The Turfus Families of Scotland and their Descendants Worldwide
This book is still in draft form but is of similar format as my Cursiter and Wallace books. The body is Turfpap.txt (180k, 7/04/97) and the descendants charts are Turfus.txt (649k, 6/29/97). Download Turfpap.exe (90k, 7/04/97) and Turfus.exe (91k, 6/29/97).

Family Pictures

Here are some scans of old family pictures.  They are named with the corresponding record numbers found in my Cursiter, Wallace and Turfus books.  All are in jpg format:

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